Get to Know the Witch | 30-07-16

Well met, my friends. My name is Rowan Mèadhbh Keaney, but you can call me Rowan or Roe. I should stress to you that this is not my birth name, but the name I chose upon declaring myself a witch to the world. I was drawn to the name immediately and thus, took it as my own. I will never insist on being addressed fully, but when it comes to magick, witchcraft and yes, my paganism I will insist on being called Rowan, at least.

For those of you who don’t know why I have taken a new name, I shall explain briefly. Much like a Christian takes a Christian name after a Christening, someone who has decided to become a practitioner of magick and/or paganism may take on a new name as part of the rebirth they have journeyed through (if indeed you have), or it may simply refelect their craft or beliefs. For some, taking on an alias is a means of separating their magick from their work or home lives too as witches and folk of that ilk still face ridicule in other aspects of their lives, e.g. the workplace. This name is usually something the person is drawn to (and can change over time).

For those of you who are new to this sort of thing, I should tell you that I am also a Celtic (Gaelic) pagan. I’ve always had some sort of belief that there is something out there somewhere, but it was never a belief in anything in particular, e.g. never in Christianity’s God. When I was a kid, I spoke with my Mama about it and she said that although she was Baptized as a child – not by her own will – she has never been an active, practising Christian/Catholic. Instead, she shared the same idea that I did and after a long discussion, we realised that she is in fact a Kemetic. 
A while back, she pulled a box from under her bed that had scraps of old paper in and some little bags that had a lovely smell emanating from them. She told me that the papers had protection spells/words of power written on them and the little cloth pouch held some herbs that she used to hang on the front door of the house on Samhain (Hallowe’en) to protect the household and those inside (myself, my younger sister and my Mama) from bad spirits should they cross into our realm when the veil between our world and the other is thinnest.

At that point, we had a long and deep discussion, during which I decided there and then that witchcraft and Gaelic paganism is clearly the path I should be on, and my journey through this is the main reason for this blog.
I hope to blog when I can and share what I have learnt with you and in turn, help others learn too. It’s scary being here; not knowing where to start or what to do, but let us walk together.

I started practising witchcraft quite a few years ago now, and have decided to restart this blog. I will rename it to better suit my practise as it now, delete all the old content and begin anew.

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