A Simple Healing Spell | 01-08-16

I don’t know about other females out there but I suffer terribly with menstrual cramping and it has come down to both conventional medicine and a touch of magick. I do however, want to slap a nice little disclaimer on this thing:

DISCLAIMER: if you or a loved one is suffering a pain/illness/serious illness/symptoms or anything such, do not substitute magick and herbalism for conventional medicine. Seek a health professional immediately.

You will need:

  • Light blue candle (x2)
  • White candle (x1)
  • A small bowl of water
  • Healing herbs, e.g. valerian, ginger, lavender, rose petals.

If you wish, you can exchange the blue for green. I personally find blue better to work with in this sort of magick, however.

Before you begin, you may want to meditate or spend some time relaxing and clearing your mind; try to be as relaxed and at peace as possible. I know it is a big thing to ask if you are in pain or discomfort, but it will help manifest better results.

Next, take your candles and place them in a triangle that is not too large or too small, but the right size to set your bowl of water in the centre of as this what you shall do next. Put the white candle at the pinnacle of the triangle.

Take your chosen herb and sprinkle a generous amount over the bowl of water. 

Now, light the white candle and, as you gaze into the growing flame, chant softly;

‘I light this candle to free my body of the pain that ails me,’

Light the blue/green candle to the left of the white candle and say;

‘I light this candle to give me strength where I am weakened,’

Light the last candle to the right and say;

‘This flame refuels and renews my being’.

As you light the candles and speak the words, visualize any and all physical discomfort and pain, or whatever it is that is causing you distress being drunk in deeply by the bowl of water in the centre of the triangle; picture it fading into the clear waters.

Close your eyes, take deep breaths and maintain your relaxed and calm state; meditate before the flames. Stay like this for as long as you please.

Now, blow or snuff out the candles and take the bowl of water and herbs to a place where things do not grow; to a patch of soil or earth if you can, but just the ground will do otherwise. As you pour the water and herbs away, further visualize all of your pains and discomforts washing away with the water.

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