Little Town, Full of Magick🍃 | 31-07-16

I live in a little town, perhaps describing it as a town is inaccurate. It has the barest of amenities and no leisure faciltities. The public transportation system is atrocious and we are far removed from any major cities, yet I find myself very much at home here. Some might snort derisively at say that is because I have spent my entire life in this little town full of little people, but that is only a small factor in my love for this place.

A major factor is the distance we are from the bustling metropolis that is Manchester city centre; that we are not surrounded by concrete towers and steel abominations. Here, we have red brick houses and old buildings. Here we have fields and greens and trees unmarred. 

That is why I love it here. We still have nature at its raw and finest. We have small saplings growing on the patches of grass that dot the town. We have great oaks and evergreens towering over paths and we have sections of untouched wilderness that are allowed to simply grow. 

It’s… magickal. For a witch like me, it is so calming to be able to take a walk and find myself in any one of a number of beautiful little hideaways. You can feel the energy; it’s beautiful. When the sunlight shines through the canopy of trees by the bridge and dapples your flesh with pale green spots of light… ah. It’s just wonderful.

Magick is everywhere, and it takes just a moment to connect with it when you at peace with your surroundings.

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