Tips For New Witchlings | 01-08-16

I’ve been asked a few times by people not on here what you need to start pratcising witchcraft. Well, if I’m honest I was at a total loss when I started actively doing witchy stuff. I didn’t know what to do, what I needed or how to do it. It was scary.

What I will say, is that you have to read. Everything.
I’m telling you to read everything because you may find a useful snippet in places you didn’t expect. I’m not telling you to believe everything you read, or take everything in. That’s not possible or logical as you will come across some bad ideas or conflicting ideas.

I will also say this: you don’t have to buy expensive stuff to be a witch. You can start with sigil work, or by chanting or singing, even emoji magick – all valid and at zero cost to you; you can make moon water, or charge objects with intent and power by simply holding or carrying them on your being.

However, I am going to list some things that will get you started physically in the witchcraft world. This list is a compilation of my personal preferences.


  • Fire proof bowl
  • White candles (can be pillar, church, tea lights – doesn’t matter!) as you’ll find that in candle magick there are a lot of colour correspondences, but a white candle can be used a substitute for any colour and/or intent.
  • Clear quartz – crystals are used a lot in magick and like candles, certain crystals and stones correspond with certain feelings, intent, etc., but clear quartz can be used as a substitute.
  • A journal/Book of Shadows/grimoire/notebook – for recording feelings, results, information, spells, successes and failures, samples and examples and so on. A grimoire (as I call mine) allows you to keep track of everything and keep all of your knowledge safe.

So, there you have it. From here you can build and grow on what you want and need for your practice and like I said, you don’t have to fork out all of your money on athames and polished bones or whatever.

I mean, if you can and want to then go ahead! Just know that you don’t have to. You can find shells, stones, bones all in the world around you. Feathers and sand and yes, even some crystals. 

Have fun being a witch and don’t worry if you can’t afford the things you feel you need. If someone tells you you’re not a real witch because you don’t have a wand, three different types of cauldron and a highly decorated tome of a grimoire, they’re wrong.

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