Witchcraft 101: Astral Projection/Travel | 01-08-16

What is Astral Travel/Projection?

Well, in layman’s terms, it is yet another psychic phenomenon that is based on the belief that within the physical body there is an ‘astral body’, also known as a ‘higher self’ that can exist separately from the body that lives on this plane.

Astral Travel/Projection is the act of releasing your astral body from your physical one and allowing it to exist on an ‘astral plane’. This is commonly known as an OBE, – an out-of-body experience.


Astral Travel has been compared to lucid dreaming, and though similar in many ways, this is not the case. Lucid dreaming is when the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming, whereas astral travel requires the traveller to separate their astral and physical beings – it requires you to exist on two separate planes of consciousness.

Astral Travel/Projection – A Guide:

There are myriad ways to induce AP/AT and not every version will work for every traveller. One of the simplest versions, is through meditation.

**Some practitioners find that hallucinogenic herbs or drugs aid their travel, and some do not. Others may use crystals to enhance their psychic power, and some may perform a ritual prior to settling down and travelling or projecting.

Some herbs include:

  • Mugwort
  • Valerian
  • Damiana
  • Cinnamon
  • Peppermint
  • Eyebright

Some crystals include:

  • Ametrine
  • Apophyllite
  • Sapphire
  • Angelite

Step 1: Relax.
You need to relax both your mind and your body. At this point you make want to lie down and take some deep breaths or you may want to begin meditation, if you’re so inclined. Take as much time as you need whilst doing this – you need to be as mellow as possible.
Remember, this is a safe practise and if you ever need to end the session, all you must do is think about doing exactly that!

Step 2:
Now that you are relaxed, you need to induce a hypnotic state. You can achieve this by focusing on an object. If you are lay down, you can choose a spot on the ceiling, or perhaps a mark if there is one. Keep staring at your chosen focal point until you can visualise it when your eyes are closed. This may take some time, but don’t panic. Just keep focusing on your chosen object or focal point.

Step 3:

You’re relaxed and in an altered state. Good, very good. Now you need to enter a ‘deeper state of relaxation’. How do you do this? Well, kids, here’s how: keeping your eyes closed, continue visualising the object you used to induce the hypnotic state. After a time, you may see specks or light patterns dance across your vision – ignore them and they will go away on their own. Once they’ve dissipated, you have reached this deeper state of relaxation. It is at this point, that you will no longer be aware of your physical being.

When I say that you will no longer be aware of your physical being, what I mean, is that you will notice that you do not feel your body; there’s no weight or heaviness of limbs, etc,.

Step 4:

This part may take longer if you are new to AT/AP. At this point, you will begin to feel some vibrations. When they kick in, try not to panic. It’s normal and it’s good, it indicated the beginning of the separation of your astral and physical bodies. All you need to do is acknowledge the vibrations as they happen. Pay attention to them.
Step 4(a): You’ve acknowledged the vibes and you’re okay with them. Now it’s time to try and manipulate them. It sounds difficult and it sounds scary, but all you need to do is use your willpower and visualisation skills to try and change the intensity and frequency of the vibrations. Try stopping and starting them, if you can. Again, if you’re new to this, it will be difficult at first but once you’ve mastered it, and can essentially induce them at will, you are ready!

Step 5: With the Rope, or Without?

With the Rope (The Rope Technique, pioneered by Robert Bruce):
With your eyes still closed, imagine or envision a rope hanging just above you, within your reach.
Keeping your eyes firmly closed and without moving any of your physical body, visualise yourself reaching upwards and grasping the rope. Once you have hold of the rope with your astral limb, bring your hand/arm back to your physical body and end the session.

Without the Rope:
With your eyes still closed, and without moving any of your physical body, visualise yourself bending or raising your arm. Wiggle your fingers or clench your fist. Once you have done this successfully, bring your limb back to your physical body and end the session.

Once you are fully awake and alert, cleanse yourself. You have just completed a successful partial separation. Well done, you!

Now, you can try whole body AT/AP:
Repeat steps 1 through 6 as you did before but, unlike in partial separation, do not stop at one limb. Instead, if you are using The Rope Method, envision your other hand emerging from your physical body and grasping the rope. Pull yourself upwards, slowly but surely.

If you’re omitting The Rope, try envisioning yourself sitting up, slowly and gently slipping from your physical body; try propping yourself up with your hands.

At this point, the vibrations may become a higher frequency and you may experience a bout of dizziness. This is normal so, again, don’t panic. You may feel a sort of… paralysis or you may be pulled back into your physical body. If this happens, worry not. Concentrate on the separation. If you’re using the rope, concentrate on pulling yourself upwards. If you’re not using the rope, concentrate on sitting up.
Do not stop until you can essentially feel yourself floating; do not stop and do not lose focus until the separation is complete and you are free!

A Little More Info Before You Go:
When you have separated your physical and astral bodies, you may find that you are able to use your higher self to travel through this new plane of existence. You can check up on loved ones and cover thousands of miles in seconds, according to some travellers, though this may vary from person to person.

Good luck, sweetlings and have fun – oh, and remember: practise makes perfect!

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