Roe’s Foolproof Entrapment Witch Bottle! | 02-08-16

This is not foolproof for everyone, and this I must state. It works for this fool (*aggressively points at self*) and the magick is basic, so I’m hoping it’ll work for you too!

Essentially, this is a protection bottle. It is known as a ‘decoy’ or ‘entrapment’ bottle because like traditional witch bottles, this is used to attract negative energies and therefore, it draws them away from you. 

You Will Need
To personalize your jar, you can omit or add ingredients; this is just my go-to, foolproof version.

  • A glass jar or ceramic jar with a sealable lid, such as a screw on cap or cork. 
  • Sea Salt (protection) 
  • Black Pepper (dispels evil) 
  • Cayenne Pepper (enhances power) 
  • A tangle of black thread. 
  • Nails/pins/broken glass. 
  • Something from your physical body; blood, semen, urine and/or spit are the best but if you’re uncomfortable/don’t want to use the aforementioned, nail clippings or hair will suffice! 

*DISCLAIMER: when drawing blood, use sterilised equipment. Be hygienic and safe as even small wounds can fester if proper precautions aren’t taken. 

  • Ashes of a sigil you’ve burnt (ideally a sigil for either protection or to draw negative and baneful energies away from you, or one for courage). 
  • Alcohol (such as wine or strong spirits). 
  • Chili flakes.
  • A candle (make sure the colour of your candle matches your intent. I use black, but your colour correspondences may differ from mine).

Now, you need to bung all of your ingredients into the bottle. Just chuck them in; this bottle doesn’t have to look pretty, and the chances are that the sealing wax will run down and obscure the contents anyway!

Once everything is inside, you must seal the bottle. You do this by either using a tea candle and melting the wax (by lighting the candle or by heating the tea lights on a burner or stove –please be careful!) and rolling the top of the bottle in the wax until you create a seal around the cork/lid, or by dripping hot wax from a pillar candle over the cork/lid. 
Once sealed, give the bottle a good hard shake. If you like, you can empower the bottle and the magick by charging it with negative thoughts. Direct them towards the bottle; fill it with anger or sadness and general negative feelings. Imagine a darkness; a slithering tendril moving through your hand and into the bottle.

The final little bit of magick, is as follows:
Take the bottle in both hands and close your eyes. Breathe slowly; in and out, in and out. When you’re ready, speak or think these words and repeat them as many times as you feel are necessary:

‘May forces that seek to harm me, seek this bottle in my place,’
‘May forces that bear ill-will unto my being, impart them to this bottle in my place.’

Once you have completed the previous steps, you can either bury the bottle or put it in a dark, hidden place within your home where it will not be disturbed. If you have a bottle or jar that can be burned, e.g., a ceramic one, the bottle can be burned instead of buried or place in the home.

[Created by, Rowan Mèadhbh Keaney].

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