Wandlore: Magick in Trees | 03-08-16

Magick as we know, is everywhere. This includes trees, as trees are one of the oldest things to exist on this earth and provide us with life whether that is through the gifts of fruit bearing trees, or through their expulsion of oxygen and the wood of their boughs and trunks that gives us shelter and allowed us to carve tools and weapons, once upon a time.

Trees also have powerful and diverse magickal properties, as listed below. Let me quickly explain the format to you: the name of tree is in bold, the tree’s power or magickal correspondance is in italic and their magickal uses are in standard text. The images in the parentheses are the elemental associations of each wood.

Wood can be used in spellwork and in ritual, but it is also common to find witches and other magick practitioners with wands, staffs and staves. Choosing a wood that suits you, your magick and the intent of your work is vital if you do want to use a wand, staff or stave to channel your energies and magick.

  • ALDER: (preserving) – (💧) oracular magick, seership, dream work, preservation, concealment, bridging worlds.
  • APPLE: (singing) – (🌬) protection, blessing, calling, sending, love, opening doorways to other worlds, inspiration, enchantment.
  • ASH: (journeying) – (🌱,💧) calling, direction of art and crafts, moving towards a goal, healing, bridges to other worlds.
  • BEECH: (learning) – (🔥) solar and positivity magick, enhancement of creativity, learning, search for knowledge, books and intellect.
  • BIRCH: (beginning) – (💧) purification, discipline, spells of youth and new starts, creativity, procreation, birth, renewal, rebirth.
  • BLACKTHORN: (blocking) – (🌱) protection, faerie magick, overcoming creatiblve barriers, persistence, patience, divining of precious metals.
  • CEDAR: (cleansing) – (🌬) enchantment, clearing negativity, dedication of a sacred, space, poetry, smithcraft, healing.
  • CHERRY: (desiring) – (🔥) protection, conflict, sex, attraction, assertiveness, aggression, love, confidence, daring, union of opposites, root chakra, healing of injuries gained from conflict or loss.
  • CHESTNUT: (producing/production) – (💧) fertility, feminine power, motherhood, the sea, protection of water, reflection, cleansing, introspection, meditation, abundance, nurturing, relationships, maternity.
  • EBONY: (dominating) – (🌱) leadership, dominance, getting to the core of problems, sexuality, sexual assertion, aggression, concealment, revealing, healing, darkness, seduction.
  • ELDER: (regenerating) – (🌱) enchantment, healing, protection, regeneration, wealth, longevity, nurturing.
  • ELM: (containing) – (🌱) healing, fertility, growth, rebirth, destiny, wisdom, metamorphosis, endurance.
  • HAWTHORN: (guarding) – (🌬) fertility, rebirth, renewal of a union, wildness, humans as animals, detects magick, counters jinxes, warding, sending.
  • HAZEL: (understanding) – (🌬) female autonomy, feminine power, magick of wisdom, beauty, charm, love, navigation, summoning, attraction, creativity.
  • HOLLY: (penetrating) – (🔥) protection, work against evil, poisons, angry elementals, lightning, averting fear, allowing courage, dream magick, eternal life, business success, hunting.
  • JUNIPER: (transforming) – (🌱) transformation, transition, fate, crossing to other worlds, cloaking, revealing, letting go, shadow, meditation, seduction, binding.
  • LILAC: (imagining) – (🌬) magick of union, attraction, cultuvation of creative bliss, intellectual pursuits, imagination, information, mental power, creation of harmony, travel, illusion, detection, writing.
  • LINDEN: (attraction) – (🌬) creation, transmutation, illumination, love, attraction, binding, obligation, healing, enhancement of beauty, peace.
  • MAPLE: (changing) – (🌱,🔥) control, finding, binding, transformation, creation, ambition, passion, revolution, rebirth, poetry, beauty, harvest, healing, abundance.
  • OAK: (opening) – (🔥) leadership, wise rule, personal sovereignty, power, authority, protection, sealing or opening doors, endurance, invoking wisdom, fertility, abundance.
  • POPLAR: (feeling) – (💧) emotions, feelings, sensitivity, intuition, empathy, dance, instincts.
  • REDWOOD: (aspiring) – (🔥) striving upwards, travelling to other planes, drawing down power, religious seeking, discipline, mystic union, wild animals, wisdom.
  • ROWAN: (quickening) – (🌱) unites fire and earth, bridges worlds, astral vision, protection, warding off evil, averts storms and lightning, brings peace, growth, fertility, rebirth, female autonomy, poetry, metalwork, geomancy, ley lines.
  • SPRUCE (FIR & PINE): (turning) – (💧) battling evil, astral flight, cleansing, purification, creation, potion-making, witches brooms, transformation, wisdom.
  • WALNUT: (illuminating) – (🌬,🔥) wind and weather magick, expansion, vortices, enhancements of power of breath, magick regarding storms/lightning/hurricanes/cyclones, teleportation, astral travel, wisdom, knowledge.
  • WILLOW: (weaving) – (💧) dowsing, divination, seership, rain-making, funerary rites, love, childbirth, fertility, healing, glamour, bewitchment, concealment, secrecy, germination, herb magick, potions, melody, combination.
  • YEW: (remembering) – (🌬,🌱) death, grieving, travel between worlds, ancestors, trance, seership, divination, healing, transformation, knowledge, eloquence, persuasion, mediumism, Necromancy.

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