What is a Mori Witch? | 11-08-16

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On most of my social media accounts, my name is ‘The Mori Witch‘, and it means the forest/woods witch. Mori is Japanese for forest. I know that having a Japanese word in the title of someone who has no ties to Asia but has ties to the Gaelic and Celtic people and culture may come across as a little strange, but let me explain.

Originally, I went by ‘The Foraoise Witch’. Foraoise is Irish for forest but I challenge you to pronounce it without Googling how to or scrolling down. 

Tried and failed? Let me help.

It is pronounced like this: for-eesh. Most people would take a right good crack at it, but 9/10 times get it wrong and that’s perfectly okay when you’re attempting a wholly new word. It’s… less okay when you are an online presence and no one can say nor spell your chosen title and username.

Since realising that although ‘foraoise’ is a beautiful word that originates from my ancestral homeland and the home of my pagan path, it is not an easy word to say, spell or remember. Since having to scrap it, I have gone by The Mori Witch. 

Another reason I chose and even stumbled upon the term ‘mori‘ is because of the style known as dark mori. It’s not officially recognised as a Gothic subculture but then again, I don’t know how things are made official in the Gothic world. Perhaps a secret counsel led by Nosferatu himself, eh? Dark mori is based on a Japanese street style, known simply as mori and those who don it are dubbed mori girls or boys – it’s a very neutral and inclusive fashion style.

In classic mori fashion, the general aim is to look like an ethereal, forest dwelling faerie; flowing and floating clothing in earthy tones; cardigans and dresses and lots and lots of layering. 

Dark mori is simply a darker version of this. It’s much more gothic and is often sported by people like me; witches and people with an interest in the occult. 

I am a fan of the dark mori aesthetic. To put it bluntly, I like looking like a witch. The picture above is a very mild version of dark mori… more of a casual goth/subtly hinting at my witchiness. 

Trying to maintain this look during the summer is hard work, let me tell you.

So, what or rather who is The Mori Witch? She is a witch who in her heart of hearts, feels most at home among the trees and who really likes to wear floaty black clothing.

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