Herbs to Induce Prophetic Dreams | 16-08-16

When we say ‘prophetic dreams‘, we are talking of dreams that allow us a glimpse into the future. They may be vivid, or perhaps a mere clue amongst a sea of confusing subconscious flashes and imagery.

The following herbs amplify and enhance psychic power and induce prophetic dreams:

  • Bay Leaves: place beneath the pillow before going to sleep.
  • Heliotrope: place the leaves under your pillow before sleeping.
  • Jasmine: burn dried flowers in an incense burner prior to sleeping.
  • Marigold: scatter flowers in or around the bed before sleeping.
  • Mimosa:  fill a bag with the flowers and place under the pillow- the colours blue and yellow are correspondences to psychic awareness.
  • Mugwort: filling a bag and placing under the pillow or drinking this as a tea are both methods of inducing dreams.
  • Peppermint: fill a bag with the leaves and place under the pillow.

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