Psychic Magick & Divination: Chiromancy/Palmistry (Part 1) | 06-09-16

Open your hand and look at your palm. There are a series of lines running through it, aren’t there? There should be. I mean, I’d be slightly concerned if the palm of your hand was completely smooth.

These lines are used in palmistry (a.k.a., palm reading or chiromancy), and depict a number of things. Each of the major lines has it’s own individual meaning and outlines a certain course in a person’s life. 
These lines come in varying shapes and sizes, and not every person has all six of the major lines – this is what we note when reading someone’s palm. Everyone does, however, have the top three in the list below. The words following the name of the line are the meanings and traits associated with that particular line.

The Major Lines

The Heart Line: (the heart line is the horizontal line that runs around half-an-inch beneath your fingers) emotions, insecurities, marriages, dependence and independence and the nature of the relationships you have/will have.

The Head Line: (the head line/line of mine is the line that runs about a centimetre below the heart line) intellect, reasoning power, prospective career paths/choices, your success potential.

The Life Line: (the life line is the that starts at the same point as the head line and curves in a reversed ‘c’ shape towards the wrist; it should finish at the heel of your hand) pattern and quality of life, physical vitality, stability or imbalance, willpower and logic, but not necessarily an indication of the length of life.

The Fate/Fortune Line: (a line that runs vertically from beneath your middle finger and down to your wrist) the strengths of character, career, friendships, daily issues and your personal ability to succeed.

The Health Line: (a line that begins where the life line ends, and ends beneath the little finger) health related matters, business and adventures; the spirit of discovery.

The Sun Line: (a line that starts beneath the ring finger (for lefties – for people who are having their right hand read, it’s the same finger I just don’t know what it’s actually called) and is usually a short line that stops when it connects with the line of health) the utilization of creative energies and potential for success through the development of talents.

The Mounts

The Mounts of the hand are what I like to call the ‘flesh cushions’ beneath each of the fingers and at the heel of the palm. They each have a personality trait with which they are associated and everyone has mounts. Some people’s may be… fleshier, than others but they are there nonetheless.

Mercury (☿): (beneath the little finger)

Apollo/The Sun (☉): (ring finger) creativity/creative genius, fantasy, imagination and happiness.

Saturn (♄): (middle finger) patience, responsibility; cautiousness.

Jupiter (♃): (index finger) leadership, honour, ambition, beliefs, philosophies and spirituality/religiousness. 

Lower Mars (♂): (below Mercury) morals/moral courage and self control.
Upper Mars (♂): (little fleshy blob above the Venus mount) resistance, coolness of spirit, calmness.

Venus (♀): (under your thumb; the bit your life line curves around) Love/affection, vitality, sensuality and success(es).

The Moon/Luna (☾): (runs along the outside of the palm; starts beneath your little finger and runs along the side of your hand) Imagination, creativity and emotion.

I will make a post about what the shapes/types of lines and mounts signify and link it here.

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