Witch Vlog Ideas? | 17-09-16

​My sister is going back to university on Monday and after that, my home life should settle back into its normal if not slower-paced routine and thus, allow me more time to be a witch.

I was thinking that once everything has settled down, I may start vlogging. It’ll be simple stuff first, because my anxiety is very limiting and I have lacking editing and videography skills. Very lacking.

Perhaps my first will be a small compilation of these ‘Witch Tips’ we all love so much because let’s face it, they’re pretty handy.

I do have a query, though.

If I was to quote a tip from another user/witch (and lets pretend that user is you for a second), would you like to be credited? I think it makes sense for me to say something along the lines of: “Links to the blogs of any mentioned witches will be in the box below,” at the beginning of the video and whenever I cite someone else’s Witch Tip, I’ll say something like: “tumblr user ‘________’ says…”.

H-How does that sound?

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