Witches Runes (in magick) | 20-09-16

You’ve probably heard of runes and you’ve probably seen them throughout popular culture media, – they’re often used in fantasy based television shows and films. It is likely that the runes you have seen are Elder Futhark Runes (old Norse ones – we’ll cover that later) but the ones featured in this post, are Witches Runes. They’re often inscribed on stones or used in rituals.

Crossroads: use if you’re going through a change, have decisions to make or wish to bring about change.

Man: use in magick that deals with men (naturally!), masculinity, or (if you’re religious) the strength of your God(s).

Woman: use in magick that deals (again, naturally!) with women, femininity, or to invoke any Goddesses you have.

The Eye: use in psychic workings or dealings with truth; to reveal deception, for example. Used also in/for protection.

Harvest: use for prosperity and abundance magick, dealings with money or to attract something good to your life.

The Sun: use for growth and happiness, strength and masculinity and for invoking any deities that are associated with the Sun. Use also in protection magick and on Sabbats.

The Moon: femininity and magick. It enhances power and is used in the invocation of deities associated with the Moon and during Esbats.

Flight: higher knowledge and the attraction of something new; success and business ventures – brings about new opportunities.

The Rings: used for binding and attracting new love; it strengthens existing bonds.

Romance: naturally, this attracts new love and/or romance. Used in sex and fertility magick and heals broken hearts.

The Scythe: used to break curses and hexes; removes bad luck and influences and can be used to break or weaken bonds and relationships.

The Star: a wishing rune that, when meditated on, brings about good fortune and good luck.

Waves: symbolizes purity and can be used for forgiveness and healing, as well as the expulsion of bad and negative energies.

[Part 2, here.]

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