Witches Runes: Casting & Reading | 20-09-16

The 13 Witches Runes differ from the Elder Futhark Runes you see so commonly in their origin, and in that the Witches Runes are not an alphabet. They cannot be used for writing or for documentation. I’ve covered how to use these runes in magick and/or rituals in a previous post that you can find here.

When you cast Witches Runes, you can do it as you would with any other runic instruments: using a cloth or whatever surface you prefer, gently throw or drop the runes from your hand or their bag. You may then interpret how they land. This means that you interpret the meanings of the runes that land with their symbols facing upwards only (I’m going to put the divination meanings a little further down), and that you pay close attention to the Eye. If the Eye is amongst those that showed themselves, you may want pay extra attention to any runes that it is facing.

As they are a divination tool, you can hold them/their bag and ask a question, then pull one rune from the set and interpret that in the context of your query.

Meanings of the Witches Runes When Cast:

  • The Sun: the start of something new and new beginnings/fresh starts. Justuce. Good decisions, good news, good health and vitality. Healing.
  • The Moon: transition and change.
  • Flight: movement and travel of all kinds (naturally!). Communication, information and social networking.
  • Rings: situations and circumstances that connect people. The combination of elements to form something new. Meeting those we share interests and commonalities with; mutual interests.
  • Romance: love and relationships, especially with deep emotional connections. Soul-mates and matters relating to. Harmony in relationships and loving/being in love with someone who loves you back – mutual and reciprocated emotion.
  • Woman: traditional female abilities and characteristics, such as healing and being a healer. The home and hearth, creativity, nuturing and caring. Maternity.
  • Man: traditional male characteristics. Such as taking action, being a father and protecting loved ones; being a provider. Empowerment and confidence.
  • Harvest: blessings of investing in yourself and your abilities and then reaping the rewards and seeing the ‘fruits of your labour’. Providing for yourself; self-employment and education.
  • Crossroads: this signifies the many ways to reach the same place or goal; the making of a major life decision. Not knowing what to do next. Feeling stuck. Being afraid of moving forward in life.
  • Star: you can take this as a green light to go forth after whatever it is you want. Could signify your purpose in life (for this, look at the runes closest to the Star). Being an inspiration for others and being yourself; being accepted for who you really are. Ultimate freedom.
  • Waves: being moved emotionally, physically and spiritually. Signifies a deep connection to the spiritual world. Can be suggestive of something being out of your control or of insecurities. The need to connect to your life and being in the flow, or being overwhelmed.
  • Scythe: sudden changes and abrupt endings; making a final decision and/ or completing something. Walking away from something or someone for your own good – cutting ties. Can suggest danger.
  • Eye: lifting of the ‘veil’ – the Otherworld. Seeing in every form, in all of its meanings. Focusing on something (for this, look to the runes facing the Eye). Growing and developing psychic abilities. Bearing witness.

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