The Ophiucus Conundrum | 25-09-16

​Friends, there is something that I wish to say. As of late, you may have seen things circulating that say “NASA has changed your star sign!” or something similar.

That, is untrue. Allow me to explain why.

The Babylonians founded the astrological calendar as we know it today but they also did this:

The Earth’s axis is a little wobbly, and it moves through 13 constellations on its rotation. Those constellations are the 12 of the zodiac, and one named Ophiucus.

The Babylonians omitted Ophiucus because they wanted the zodiac to match the number of months – a perfect 12 for 12. This, is why some of our star signs sort of cross over into one another and people are born on ‘cusps’.

We’ve known of Ophiucus for thousands of years, but it is only now that some wonderful qualified nerdy-nerds at NASA have done the math and confirmed that in the 3000 years since the formation of the zodiac, the Earth’s axis has changed or shifted ever so slightly, thus making the time spent in each constellation nowadays different.

Basically, NASA did some maths. They confirmed what the Babylonians ignored: that the Earth does in fact spend some time within Ophiucus, and because of the shift in the Earth’s axis over the years, the time we spend facing the constellations has changed.

Remember guys, NASA studies astronomy not astrology. They have not changed the zodiac; they have not added or invented anything new. They’ve simply confirmed something very old.

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