30 Day Witchy Journal Challenge: Day 1 | 08-01-17

This is part of @shipping-the-gods ​”30 Day Witchy Journal Challenge“. In an attempt to learn more about my craft and myself (and post some original content), I am going to do this to the best of my abilities.

Day One:What type of witchcraft do you relate to the most? Are there more than one paths you like?

I don’t think there is any particular branch of witchcraft that specifically calls yo me. I know that I am good at green magick and divination, and that I thoroughly enjoy practising them, but they don’t actually call to me more than any others.

Saying that, however, I’ve never really branched out too much. I’ve dabbled here and there – tried storm magick, sea magick, sex magick,… I loved it all. I just find some sort of comfort in my herbs and my crystals and my bones (not my bones. My bones suck- they creak and ache, and they just suck. I mean bones that I am the owner of…). Perhaps it’s the feeling of familiarity or solidarity they bring. I do not know with certainty.
Hey. Maybe I’ll figure it out one day. Maybe,… probably not.

Are there more than one paths that I like? Oh. Oh ho ho, oh yeah.

I’ve never been on one path. A very long time ago, I thought I was Wiccan – it was a very long time ago – and I suppose that is one path, but I figured out quickly that I am not even remotely Wiccan and well, here we are. I’ve always loved forging my own path and traditions. To me, that’s what witchcraft is. It’s being yourself and doing your own thing without repercussions or backlash. I’ve always loved dabbling in whatever I can get my hands on and expanding and learning as I go. That’s my aim, really. Keep on learning as much as you can.

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