30 Day Witchy Journal Challenge: Day 2 | 08-01-17

I apologise for being late with this. Health is playing up again.

Day Two:Are you a secular witch, or one who incorporates religion into their craft? If you are secular, what spells do you do most often, and why? If you’re non-secular, which deities do you call on the most, and why?

Although I am a Gaelic polytheist, I don’t mix my paganism and my witchcraft therefore, I am a secular witch. A few people have commented on this and said it’s a little peculiar. I’ve had questions on how, if not through an altar and through magick, do I honour my many deities(!)? There are many ways besides an altar and spellwork. Rest assured.

A lot of the spells I do are healing, – whether that is of physical, emotional or spiritual ailments doesn’t matter.
I do a lot of magick regarding spirits and divination too, and that can include healing, protection and warding, as well as things such as psychic enhancement and focusing spells. I would say that my regular spell arsenal (sparsenal? Arspe- okay, no.) is quite varied, actually. Not complex, but suitably varied.

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