30 Day Witchy Journal Challenge: Day 3 | 11-01-17

Day Three:What are five things that you have in your room you can use in a spell or ritual? What could you use them for?

Well, my workspace (a desk with lots of stuff on it, such as jars, candles, cleansing bundles, etc,.) is in my bedroom.

Because of this, pretty much all of my tools are within my bedroom, meaning that I could just list them off. I think I’ll just tell you a few of the things I use the most within my bedroom itself, – I like to “witchcraft all over the damn house.” as my Ma says.

  • Candle(s).
  • My grimoire.
  • Jars of herbs.
  • My box of crystals.
  • Knife.

Candles can be used to represent fire, invoke spirits/deities; they can used to be cleanse; banish; draw things to you; they are a means of activating sigils. They’re amazingly useful in magick.
My grimoire is my journal, my referencing tool, my guide. I use it in pretty much every magickal working as it (usually) holds all the information I’ll need at the time.
The Jars of herbs are again, a multipurpose tool as each herb has different properties and correspondences, e.g., I may use the Sage and Rosemary to cleanse and protect, after I have used the St. John’s Wort to banish.
My Box of Crystals is exactly the same as my herbs, really. I might use my crystals to charge something more than I’d use my herbs, though.
The Knife I use to cut stuff. Cut the stems on plants, cut ribbon and string. I guess it’s not a particularly magickal tool, but it helps when I need to do some preparation before I conduct a spell or ritual.

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