Witchcraft 101: Astral Weapons (???) | 11-01-17

Yesterday, whilst answering some of the asks I received for one of those themed ask memes on my tumblr, I stumbled across a term that I haven’t seen before. “Astral weapons.
My first thought was probably very similar to what some of yours are now:

What the ever-living fuck are Astral Weapons?

I have conducted my own research into this and have discovered, that Astral Weapons are exactly what the name says.
They are weapons of your choice (Swords! Swords! Swords!) that are carried into other astral realms and planes whenever your astral body leaves your physical body.
Note, however, that these weapons are not of this plane.
Nuh-uh. Astral Weapons are made up of an energy source of your choice and are projected through visualisation, e.g., once your physical and astral bodies have separated and your higher-self is quite happily travelling, you then use your preferred visualisation technique to manifest your chosen weapon.

Why would I need an astral weapon?

Good question.
When you’re travelling or projecting, you are entering a new plane of existence not inhabited by physical beings and bodies; AT/AP requires you to exist on two separate planes of consciousness simultaneously.

Because of this, both of your bodies – your physical body and the astral one that’s doing all the travelling – are more vulnerable than they would usually be.
Your higher-self may be susceptible to what are known as “attacks” from unpleasant entities that also exist within the astral planes.

These “attacks” will hit right at your energy source and may end up draining you, and putting you at risk. You must remember that your separate bodies are stronger together (two heads are better than one!), and thus weaker apart. If your higher-self is attacked and you have no means of defending and protecting yourself, you may not be strong enough to return to your physical body, and if you do manage to get back, you will feel real-life, physical side effects, such as being exhausted, aching/in pain, and you may feel emotionally unstable or even drained.

In short:

  • Astral Weapons are a means of protection that are created by the traveller (you).
  • They are created by visualisation: use your best visualisation technique to harness your own energy, and create a weapon of your choice.
  • Oh yeah, you heard me. A weapon of your choice.
  • These weapons are used to stop attacks from entities who seek to harm you or drain you of your energies whilst roaming astral planes.

A post about the basics of AT/AP can be found here.

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