30 Day Witchy Journal Challenge: Day 5 | 15-01-17

Day 5: If you use herbs in your spells, etc., list three that are safe, and three that are not. Name their correspondences as well.

Unless you have allergies (or something), these three herbs are safe to handle and consume:

  • Sage
  • Rosemary
  • Lavender

These herbs are not safe and should be handled with extreme care, or not at all:

  • Aconite (a.k.a., Monkshood and Wolfsbane) – all of this plant is neurotoxic, hepatotoxic, and dermatoxic. 
  • Belladonna (a.k.a., Deadly Nightshade) all of this plant is neurotoxic and cardiotoxic. Use of it is often fatal thing.
  • Henbane all of this plant is cardiotoxic and neurotoxic.


Sage: cleansing, purification, healing, protection, prosperity, luck. 

Rosemary: protection, love, lust, mental clarity, purification, healing, banishing, cleansing.

Lavender: love, peace, dreams, sleep, calm. 

Aconite: consecration, magickal and spiritual awareness, protection.

Belladona: astral magick and flying ointments.

Henbane: used mainly in divination and flying ointments.

“Neurotoxic” – toxic to the neurological system, e.g.,  brain, nerves, spinal cord, etc,.

“Cardiotoxic” – toxic to the heart.

“Hepatotoxic” – toxic to the liver.

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