30 Day Witchy Journal Challenge: Day 7 | 17-01-17

Day 7:Has your craft changed or transformed since you began? Have any of your beliefs or values changed?

Hoo, boy. 

My craft and my beliefs have changed over the years. As I said in a previous entry: I thought I was Wiccan once upon a time. I learned quite quickly however, that I am 100% not Wiccan and am in fact an eclectic solitary witch. 

Please, for the love of everything, do not take that as an insult towards Wicca. 

I have nothing against Wicca – each to their own! – I just found that many aspects of it didn’t suit me in any manner, so I abandoned that and started practising witchcraft without religious ties and with the intention of forging my own way.

My craft has become a massively diverse mish-mash of anything and everything that interests me, whereas before it was strictly elemental and deity related magick. I am much happier with who I am and what I do now, than I was back then. I do forgive myself for being so restrictive, because I was young and afraid of all the things I did not yet know.


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