A Question by an Anonymous Tumblr User | 26-02-17

Hello! I was wondering if you have any tips for writing what you’re going to say during a spell? Thanks! )O(

Here’s a post.

And another.

And, to throw in my pennies worth: 

  • When writing an incantation for a spell, don’t be afraid of your own style. Embrace it. What makes it unique to you, makes it powerful.
  • Don’t write in past tense. Try writing in present tense; in an incantation for my decoy witch bottle, I wrote this:

May forces that seek to harm me, seek this bottle in my place,

May forces that bear ill-will unto my being, impart them to this bottle in my place.

  • Always make sure that your incantation is tied directly to your intent. This may mean that your words are simple, but there is ample power in simplicity – using fancy words may lead to ambiguity, which can have an effect on the magick.

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