A grimoire is a book that is kept by those who practise witchcraft.

An alternate name for a grimoire is a Book of Shadows, but it is my understanding that BoS is largely used by those who practise Wicca, and so to separate themselves secular and other branches of witches use the term “grimoire”.

Grimoires traditionally have more of a textbook feel to them.

How Do You Get A Grimoire?

Well, you don’t get one. You create your own.

Most of us have several “rough” notebooks that we use to just scribble preliminary notes and any inspiration down.
Lots of us may have a nicer notebook that we will transcribe our rough notes into in a,… much more aesthetically pleasing way.

So, how do you get a grimoire? You fetch some paper or a notebook and you start writing.

What Do You Put Into A Grimoire?

  1. Information about you, e.g., the magick you practise, your name, astrological information.
  2. Pendulum board.
  3. Tarot information, e.g., card meanings, spreads, journals of your readings.
  4. Herbal information, e.g., names, medicinal and magickal uses, correspondences, uses in food.
  5. Sabbats.
  6. Moon phases.
  7. Crystal information, e.g., names, diagrams, correspondences, uses.

Grimoire Creating Resources:


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