I Am Very,… Unwell | 17-06-17

Hello, my freaky darlings. I have been away for some time, though it has been with due reason, I still feel some guilt regarding my absence.
I won’t say that I am sorry, because my continued cycle of absences and apologies will cause the word to lose its meaning. I will, however, divulge some vague reasoning to you, for I believe that you deserve justification.

We have discussed my ill-health here before, and I am afraid that a deterioration in the aforementioned in the reason behind my disappearance.

For at least a year, but likely longer, I have been suffering with chronic pain and fatigue; with chronic vomiting and (even less pleasantly), diarrhoea; migraines; dizzy spells; episodes of passing out; weight loss; loss of appetite and more.
I have a completely broken sleep cycle; some nights I may sleep for 20 hours or more, and some nights I might sleep for 0. It doesn’t matter which side of that scale I fall on, though, for I am permanently exhausted.


It has recently come to light that just maybe, none of that is normal and after many hospitalisations and trips to various GPs, a condition has come to light.

I am in the process of being diagnosed with Dysautonomia, more specifically, Peripheral/Autonomic Neuropathy and Mononeuropathy. I was also told just two days ago, that I have kidney damage, and a small cyst on my left kidney.


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