About Me: Briefly

My name is Rowan Méadhbh Keaney. I know it looks hard to pronounce, but it’s really easy. Ready? Row-ann May-v (‘v’ as in ‘van’) Key-nee. There you go, simple stuff! I chose this name, and it was a name I was drawn to immediately. I chose it before my faith was… confirmed and in hindsight, my instantaneous acceptance and attraction to a Gaelic name was probably something of a sign. Here is a breakdown of my name’s meaning:

  • Rowan‘ means ‘red‘ in Gaelic. 
  • Mèadhbh‘ means ‘intoxicating‘ in Gaelic.
  • Keaney is my ancestral (Irish) surname.

I am a solitary eclectic secular witch – quite a mouthful, isn’t it? I’ll explain it a little for you. All that long-winded phrase really means is that I do not belong to a group or coven (solitary), I am not one specific type of witch – I am not just a green witch or a storm witch; I incorporate as much of every type of magick into my work as I can – (eclectic!) and I do not invoke the deities of my paganism when performing or using magick (secular!).

You caught onto the word ‘deities’ there, didn’t you? Good, good! I am pagan. To explain paganism in all of it’s infinite beauty would take too long, and would also be a huge digression from the point of this page. I will again, be simple in my description.
Basically, I do not hold a belief like those of the Christian faith. I do not have one overruling God. I have many and that is known as a pantheon. There is an All-Father, named The Dagda and his many underlings and consorts, all who play vital roles in life and death and all that lies between and beyond.

My faith is that of ancient Gaelic Celts and I will therefore refer to it as Gaelic Celtic. Or something akin to that… it depends how lazy I am feeling, really. If you want to know more about my gaith or my witchcraft, please feel free to ask me! I adore talking about it. 

Aside from my paganism and witchcraft, I am a cosplaying geek. I am an English nerd and a History buff with hopes of becoming some sort of language aficionado in the future. I have also been known to be a milkshake enthusiast, serial nap taker, tea connoisseur and fantasy fanatic (also a total spooky babe).


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