An Leabhar na Draíochta

[The Mori Witch’s] Book of Magick

A collection of original writings from my Leabhar na Draíochta (Book of Magick).


  1. 10 Herbs to Keep Close By
  2. Uses for Forget-Me-Nots & Lavender in Magick
  3. 83 Herbs and Their Magickal Properties


Types of Magick

  1. Binding [Witchcraft 101]

General Info

  1. Taglocks [Witchcraft 101]
  2. Magick Oils
  3. Making A Simple Protection/Negativity Repelling Sachet
  4. How to Work & Calibrate Your Pendulum
  5. A Brief Summary of the Major Arcana (Tarot)


Bath Magick

  1. Roe’s All-round Cleansing Bath [Bath Magick]


  1. Minor Pain/Healing Spell

Spirit Work & Divination

  1. Incense Blend (ft. Candle Magick) to Contact A Deceased Loved One
  2. Divination Drinks: Tea to Aid in Divining

Tips, Tricks & Advice

  1. The Mori Witch’s Tips & Tricks
  2. How Do You Deal with the Negative Connotations Surrounding Witchcraft?
  3. Why Protecting Yourself During Samhain is Important
  4. (Weird) Witch Tip/Hack (Flammable Spaghetti)
  5. Witch Tip: Pendulum
  6. Mugwort: WARNING
  7. Witch Tip: Crystal Bonding

Sigils/Sigil Magick

  1. “My Positive Relationships Will Flourish” [sigil]
  2. “I Cannot Be Broken” [sigil]
  3. “The Traumas of My Past Will Not Trouble My Future” & “I Do Not Fear the Troubles or Frights That My Eyes Have Seen” [sigil]
  4. “I Am Not My Past; I Have Worth” [sigil]
  5. “I Have the Power to Succeed” [sigil]

Potions & Elixirs

  1. Roe’s Quick Magickal Pick-me-up (for the tired witch)


  1. Witches Runes (Part 1)


  1. Gaelic Deities: Óengus
  2. Gaelic Deities: The Dagda
  3. Sabbats: Samhain
  4. A Very Brief List of Well Known and Commonly Worshipped Pagan Deities
  5. Sabbats: Beltane
  6. “How would one worship and invoke Lir and The Morrigan?”
  7. Pagan Festivals: Walpurgisnacht


  1. Brief Summary of Why Wicca and Witchcraft Are Not Interchangeable Terms