Simple Rose Water Recipe | 15-11-17

You’ll Need:

  • Dried or fresh rose petals (please make sure these are food grade! Unless explicity stated otherwise, florist’s roses are treated with pesticides and preservative chemicals).
  • A pan
  • Cheesecloth or muslin for straining,… or a small holed sieve.
  • Water
  • Dark coloured jar or bottle.

What to Do:

    1. Measure ¼ (59ml) cup of dried rose petals into your pan. Use ½ (118ml) to ¾ cup (177ml) if you are using fresh petals.
    2. Pour 1 ½ cups (357ml) water into your pan, on top of the rose petals.
    3. Cover with a lid and bring it to a boil.
    4. Reduce the temperature to the lowest setting that still allows the water to simmer.
    5. Let it simmer until the colour of the rose petals has faded. This may only take 5-10 minutes.
    6. Leave the lid on the pan and let it cool completely.
    7. Pour the water and petals through the muslin/cheesecloth or sieve and into a dark, clean bottle (you can use a funnel or strain into a measuring bowl with a pouringspout first, and then pour into your dark bottle).
    8. Store in the refrigerator for several weeks or on the counter for up to one (1) week.

    Open to Love: A Poppet | 02-11-17

    This is something I’ve had in the works for a while because for some time now, I’ve been quite emotionally closed off and I didn’t want to be that way anymore. So, I’m sharing this with you guys!

    This is a poppet that you are making for yourself; the aim of this little guy is to have the effects of the poppets contents apply to you.

    You Will Need:

    • Some red or pink fabric so that you can cut out a basic human shape, as shown by my trusty illustration, here (Red and pink symbolise love in all of its forms; platonic, romantic, love of self. When you’re crafting your poppet, just keep the type of love you want to open yourself up to in mind).
    • Some stuffing (can be found here).
    • Rose Quartz chunks, crystal or chips.
    • Green Aventurine chunks, crystals or chips.
    • Lavender
    • Cinnamon
    • Dried strawberry
    • A kiss on a piece of paper – if you wear lip products use those, if you don’t, your kiss is still just as good.
    • White thread (for sewing your lil’ guy together).


    1. Now, follow this guide on how to make a fabric poppet!
    2. *Optional Step: If you want to, you can take a pen in a colour that makes you happy and draw a happy face on the poppet. This sounds childish, but it will imbue a happy energy into it – symbols are powerful, kids!
    3. Once you’ve made your poppet, you should pop it under your pillow or in your bed at night (like a teddy bear!). This will allow it to work its magic (ba-dum! tss) on you passively as you are sleeping.

    A Samhain Special: Pumpkins! | 22-10-17

    It’s that time of year – pumpkins are being sold in droves in all of our local supermarkets and are readily available for carving, decorating and of course, for eating!

    But, once all is said and done, what can we use our pumpkins for besides the usual spooky Autumnal and Halloween based activities?

    Pumpkin & Pumpkin Seeds:

    Planet: Moon
    Element: Earth
    Astrological Sign: Virgo

    General associations: Protection, healing, divination.

    Pumpkins are indeed highly magickal and can be used in many, many magickal ways that may not actually spring to mind. As a vegetable of the harvest, they represent prosperity and abundance, as well as luck, for example! 

    *Pumpkin seeds can be used in a smaller scale spells and workings that correspond with the same intent as the pumpkin itself.

    A carved pumpkin (should you want to use to them as the original turnip Jack-o-lanterns were used) should have ghoulish, grinning faces to protect from the wandering spirits that may be surrounding you due to the liminality of Samhain.

    A lit pumpkin’s glow and scent may draw positive spirits and energy to your home, if you place it outside, by the door,

    Pumpkins are known to strengthen divining abilities, so if you wish to gain more insight into any readings you do during this period you may want to work with a pumpkin nearby, drink or eat something with pumpkin it in beforehand (and/or during) or have some seeds on your person – you can have them in a spell jar, your pocket or hell, even in your mouth!

    Some Recipes for Pumpkin Inclusive Foods (Kitchen Witchcraft!)
    All of these recipes are external links.

    1. Spice Pumpkin Bread
    2. Perfect Pumpkin Pie Recipe
    3. Pumpkin Soup
    4. Soft Pumpkin Cookies

    About Ouija Boards & Ouija Board Etiquette | 28-08-17

    About Ouija Boards & Misconceptions

    1. Ouija boards do not summon demons.
    2. They do not open up portals.
    3. They do not open you up to possessions.

    They are merely a way for spirits to commune with you by using your energy, so listen up.

    And for the love of anything and everything, please remember that spirits can lie; they can say silly or scary things to frighten you so that they get a laugh out of it.

    They may have heard of some of the urban legends going around about Zozo or some such malarkey, and play on that to give you the heebie jeebies.

    Sometimes you might get messages that don’t make sense, and that could be because there isn’t enough energy for the spirit to communicate properly, they may not speak your language, or they may be messing about.

    With any form of spirit communication you can come into contact with a malicious spirit. It is a risk and it can be scary, but they cannot hurt you because all that is happening with a Ouija board, is the spirit utilising the energy you give them (set parameters before you begin the session if you’re worried) to get you to move the planchette to convey their message.

    You haven’t opened a portal. Or a channel. Or a gateway. You are not summoning or conjuring. That is a wholly different, more complicated and more potentially dangerous type of magick.

    Ouija boards aren’t magick. It’s a game and a tool to talk. Like texting but with spirits. As for saying “Goodbye”, it’s important to be polite.

    Nothing bad can come from Ouija and spirit boards.

    Ouija Board Etiquette

    The precautions you can take are that you may want to cleanse the board and planchette before using it.

    Here is a list of cleansing methods:

    1. Cleansing Methods Masterpost

    You may also want to cast a protective/defensive circle and/or some wards. Here’s some posts for that:

    1. Circles and Wards Masterpost
    2. Witchcraft 101: The Basics of Wards and Warding

    If you wish, you can state that you are only offering a small amountof energy for the spirits to borrow to help convey their message. Most spirits are people, most people are decent. They will respect your wishes.

    When it comes to,… shall we say Ouija etiquette, and any sort of spirit work, the main thing to bear in mind is that the spirits you’re likely communing with were people.You should act as you in any civilised conversation: be polite.

    Here are some recommendations geared more specifically to spirits:

    • Do not ask about the manner of death. This is basic common sense. It is impolite and unkind and may cause a spirit to stop communication or become hostile. If a spirit becomes hostile they cannot harm you through a Ouija game but they can frighten you.
    • Stay as calm as you can. Ouija boards are games. They’re supposed to be fun. It is possible that a less than nice spirit may detect your fear and prey on it by sending you unsettling messages. Do not be afraid. No harm can come to you.
    • Spirits can be mischevious and they can lie. Take everything said by them with a pinch of salt.
    • As I said before, most spirits and people and most people are decent, so if you ask for something to be done, e.g., you want the spirits to stop knowing your emotions, you can ask them to.
    • Don’t go into a game looking to contact a specific person. It is unlikely that the spirit you so sorely desire to speak to will appear for you. Especially someone famous. Spirits can play tricks for their own amusement and lead you into thinking you’re speaking with David Bowie when really it’s a bloke named Keith from two towns over.
    • Always says goodbye. Not for any other reason other than to politeness and respect. Say thank you and say goodbye, just as you would when ending any conversation. Think of communications via a Ouija board as something like a phonecall, with added paranormalcy.

    You can try to use spirit boards alone, though only few have much success as there isn’t usually enough energy for a spirit to use to get you to share their message.

    Again, I’m no expert on this and you’re more likely to get concise and correct answers from @theouijagirl.

    This post is by the blogger mentioned above: 20 Misconceptions About Ouija.

    Photo Credit [X]

    All That You Love Will Turn to Nothing – A Curse | 21-08-17

    This curse is the first one in almost 8 years of practising witchcraft that I have created. It has been a long time coming, and a long time in the making as I have used it once before, with success, and it is centred around,… personal trauma. It has come into being as the result of me being unable to feel any real closure or justice after being put through years of emotional abuse and sometimes violent outbursts.

    Please, feel free to use it. 


    • A jar you can securely seal.
    • Vinegar (banishing)
    • Chilli flakes or powder (adds oomph, represents fire (burning) and sends people away).
    • 3-6 Nails – rusted, preferably but not necessary. (destruction, decay).
    • A bodily fluid of yours (blood would be most potent, but if you’re not comfortable with that, spit or tears will work too).
    • Cemetery Dirt (feelings of emptiness, emotional distress).
    • Black pepper (banishing)
    • A small piece of paper.
    • Red pen.
    • This sigil.

    **If you choose to use blood in this spell, make sure you draw it using sterile equipment, such as a lancet (click here for more information on them).

    1. On the slip of paper you have, write the name of your target in big, bold writing. Make it scratchy, ugly; go over it 3, 4, 5 times. 
    2. On the other side, draw the sigil linked in the ingredients list above. Write the meaning of it too (”All that you love; all that brings you joy will bring you nothing but emptiness.”)
    3. Add your dry ingredients into the jar one at a time in this order:
    4. Cemetery Dirt, Black pepper, Chilli pepper. 
    5. As you do so, channel all of the pain and hatred the target has caused you; focus on it; draw from it, let yourself seethe.
    6. Add your paper now, on top of the dry ingredients.
    7. Take your nails, and push them down so that their points pierce the sigil and go down into the dry ingredients.
    8. Once you’ve done all of this, add your chosen bodily fluid. You will only need a very small amount – a single tear, a drop of blood, some spit, whatever you choose you needn’t force much out.
    9. The fluid will be imbued with the negativity that you were drawing on.
    10. You may now fill the rest of the jar with vinegar, but leave a little room at the top, because this jar can be left for a long time – the more putrid the better.
    11. The paper will dissolve quickly, this is normal and expected. 
    12. Leave the jar somewhere dark and quiet, where it will not be disturbed.

    Whenever you feel as though the power of this curse is waning, shake it vigorously, again drawing on the negative connotations and feelings you have for the target.

    Picture Credit.

    Curses vs. Hexes: What’s the Difference? | 21-08-17

    If you were to look up the definition of both of the words on a search engine (hello, Google!) they are defined as follows:

    1. Curse: (aside from meaning vulgar words) is “casting the evil eye or an evil spell upon someone.”
    2. Hex: to curse someone.

    Oh, dear sweet Google, you have tried your best but in this instance, every witch will tell you that you are wrong.

    The general consensus is that ultimately, curses are worse than hexes; the target tends to suffer more at the hands of a curse than they do at the hands of a hex.


    1. Usually more serious than hexes.
    2. Can live on through generations if that is what the caster intended.
    3. Tend to be long-term in nature.
    4. Usually, curses are borne of anger; of hatred and even a need for justice.
    5. They can usually be reversed or undone; reversals can be done by the caster, and undoings may be done by the caster, target or a third party.


    1. Often cast as a “one-off” piece of magick.
    2. Their effects are apparent very quickly, but they are not long-term – seen sometimes as an instantaneous form of malevolent magick.
    3. Hexes are borne of revenge and/or annoyance, and they usually cause irritation and subsequent annoyance to the target – hexes are a way for the caster make their target feel what they have been made to feel for a short time.
    4. Due to their nature, hexes are usually over and done with quickly and do not require a reversal or undoing.

    Both of these forms of magick, are forms of malevolent magick that is used for many reasons.
    Some people curse their abusers, or people who have hurt them and some people hex their ex-partners, or someone who has brushed them up the wrong way. Like all magick, what you do is circumstantial and no one can tell you whether you should or should not perform magick of this kind (I am pro-curse and hex, but not everyone is).

    Common Cursing & Hexing Components:


    1. Bodily fluids (blood, spit, semen, menstrual blood, tears, urine, etc.)
    2. Fingernails.
    3. Hair.
    4. Photographs.
    5. Personal possessions.
    6. Poppets.
    7. Usernames/nicknames/names.


    1. Cayenne Pepper
    2. Chilli
    3. Lemon
    4. Black Pepper
    5. Thistle
    6. Thorns
    7. Poppies
    8. Mold

    Other items:

    1. Nails (rusted for potency)
    2. Razor blades
    3. String/yarn/chord
    4. Cemetery Dirt
    5. War Water
    6. Needles
    7. Bones
    8. Vinegar
    9. Mirror (broken or whole)
    10. Broken glass
    11. Dead Wasps

    You’ll notice that I’ve bunched the common ingredients for curses and hexes in one list – that is because these two are simply lesser and greater forms of the same kind of magick, so you must bear in mind what your intent is when you choose your spell/ritual ingredients.

    Do you want to frustrate, annoy and irritate your target? Do you want to bring them bad luck? Do you want to bring them untold misery? Consider this carefully.

    Things You Just Don’t Say – Witch’s Edition (Story time!) | 16-08-17

    If you follow me on tumblr  [click here for my blog], you may have seen a post that asks those who wear pentagrams and pentacles to recount their weirdest and/or rudest encounters with fellow humans.


    I reblogged it and added my own anecdote to the post, but I am going to post it here for non-tumblr users to see.
    Here it is:

    I live in a village that is an hour away from the closest city, a city that is very dear to me.
    In my village, everyone knows everyone else, whether the connection is direct or by varying degrees of separation, so I don’t tend to have any trouble with the people here.

    My city, however, is a vastly different story.

    Due to the size of the city, and its importance to my country, the population is huge and therefore, so is the cultural mix within it.
    However, you only really ever see Christian and Catholic preachers – they come in different forms: some have booths set up along the main shopping street; some wear sandwich boards and holler at you through megaphones, their words incomprehensible. Some have little booklets lined up on portables shelves, and others wonder in droves, targeting individuals like prey.

    Once upon a time, as I walked alone down the main hgihstreet with my earphones in, a man with a sandwich board and a megaphone stepped straight into my path. I stopped abruptly, muttered an apology and tried to pass him on the left.
    He stepped sideways and blocked me.

    Panic started to set in at this point, because I tend to avoid confrontational situations and this felt like it could turn into one of those.

    I took out my earphones and went to ask the man if he would would kindly step aside.
    Instead, as soon as my ears were devoid of music, he started talking. But, he wasn’t talking. His voice was raised – not yet a shout, but close – and he was reciting something.
    I don’t think it was a Biblical passage, but it went like this: “She is only a child; cleanse her soul and bring her forth to the kingdom of our Father. Lift her from condemnation!

    Naturally, I felt awful at this point because I was being singled out and shouted at/to in a street that lead off from a public square, was lined with shops and banks and eateries, and had a tram stop running down it. The place was absolutely brimming with people.
    I said that I was in a rush and had to go and (I will admit to being rude by doing this), I used my elbows to work my way around him and the other people passing by.

    As I squeezed past him, he reached out and touched the pentacle that hangs from my tattoo choker (if you look through my tumblr you’ll see the choker in photographs of me) whilst saying, “Condemned to Hell be those within whom Satan works.”

    I walked away as quickly as I could, red faced and angry. I was scared, and felt humiliated. I have always wondered why, if he thought I was a child (I was 20) he deemed it justifiable to subject me to that whole shit show.

    I never saw what was written on his sandwich board. Or I did see it, and have forgotten the minuscule details of the whole encounter.

    I would first like to say, that I am not being rude or trying to tarnish the reputation of Christians and their denominations. It just so happens that this whole debacle happened because a preacher of that faith approached me.
    Whilst I was in the city that day, I saw a booth that said “Islamic Literature”, and two or three groups of Mormon missionaries.

    There are two reasons why this whole thing has stayed with me since it happened.

    1. Although it is likely that the preacher did not mean to come across as aggressive, his blocking of my path, raised voice and eventual invasion of my personal space came across as such.
      This was exacerbated by the fact that I was alone, clearly had earphones in and have a lot of anxiety surrounding confrontation and sometimes, even just social interaction.
    2. You cannot make assumptions about people like that. You have no right to demonize and humiliate people simply because you want to make often radical assumptions about something you see.

    Assumptions can be damaging. Assumptions hurt. Assumptions spread false information if they’re shouted loud enough.

    There is nothing wrong with Satanic witches, traditional or LaVeyan, – let’s make that clear – but there is a lot wrong with condemning innocent people to Hell; with scaremongering and hateful comments.

    The lesson here, it to engage your brain before your mouth. Think about what you’re doing, and who can be hurt through what you say.

    Liminality & Liminal Spaces | 30-06-17

    It’s been quite a while since my last original post, and I profusely apologise for my absence.

    What is liminality?

    The word “liminal’ comes from a Latin word “līmen”, meaning “a threshold” and its Oxford Dictionary definition is:

    1. Relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process.
    2. Occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.


    That is a brief etymological explanation of liminal/liminality, but,… what

    is it? What is it in relation to witches and witchcraft?

    Historically, witches have been considered as liminal figures; as creatures who exist on/in the threshold between this world and another.

    Liminality” is a term used primarily by anthropologists to describe a stage during a ritual or process, during which the participant transcends their previous state.
    In modern (and possibly older, and traditional) witchcraft, magick itself is considered to be a liminal practise.

    In simple terms, liminality is what we know as an inbetween. It is an inbetween space; a transition period.

    Known Liminal Spaces:

    • Graveyards/Cemeteries
    • Beds regularly slept in
    • Caves
    • Tunnels
    • Waiting rooms
    • Hospitals/museums/petrol stations at night (especially after midnight)
    • Stairwells
    • Running water

    Oftentimes you will find that when in a liminal space, reality may feel,… altered. Time may feel as though it is passing differently – usually more slowly – and sometimes, people will feel out of sorts. You may feel floaty, or dreamlike.

    Magick for Liminal Spaces

    It is important to remember that there is a latent energy in liminal spaces that causes the effects mentioned above. As these spaces are thoroughfares and hold a form of astral power because of it; they have power stemming from both sides of the threshold.

    1. Divination
    2. Spirit work
    3. Astral Travel/Projection/work
    4. A Sigil to invoke the magick of Liminal Spaces
    5. A Sigil of the Crossroads