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Book Recommendations:

  1. Resources and Book Recommendations for Witchcraft Outside of Witchcraft
  2. Book Recommendations for Witches
  3. Thicket’s Magickal Book Recommendations
  4. Book Recommendations for Beginners

    Resource Masterlists/Masterposts

    1. Witch Resources Galore (articles, blogs, books, etc,.)
    2. Orriculum’s Witchcraft 101
    3. Saltwaterwitchery’s Greatest Hits Vol.1 ✧ Greatest Hits Vol.2 ✧ Greatest Hits Vol.3
    4. Masterpost for Secret Witches
    5. Masterpost
    6. Cunningcelt’s Resource Page

      Magick Type Resources

      1. Sea Magick Resource Post
      2. Storm and Weather Magick Resource Post
      3. Sea Witches Resources
      4. Urban Magick Resources